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Be part of our Connections Database!

Our project aims to connect aspiring women in law with those qualified or experienced in the legal field. We are looking to build up our database with amazing contacts of those already in the legal field who can be contacted by those in the Ladies of Law Community who are looking for advice, guidance or a general chit-chat to find out about particular experiences or areas of law. 

If you are happy to have your details on the database to be given to an aspiring women in law to reach out to you with any questions about your experience in law, please fill in the form below. Just so you know, you can ask to have your details removed from the database at any time. Your details will not be passed to any organisation or third party outside Ladies of Law and used solely for the purpose of passing on to an aspiring women in law to make contact with you! 

*Please only enter your details if you are already working or experienced in law. If you are an aspiring women in law or still sturying, please email us to be connected with a woman in our Database.

Get connected!

Thank you for helping fellow women in law.

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