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The Full Story


Ladies of Law was created in 2021 as a community and platform for empowering and supporting women in the legal world with the aim of networking and connecting women at all different stages of their legal studies or careers, celebrating each and every one! We now have a small team and 30 Ambassadors representing our values to help aspiring and working women in law.

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To empower, support, advocate and celebrate all Ladies of Law - whether you are thinking about studying law, already studying for your law degree or established in your legal career - we've got you!

Our mission encompasses the advocacy for equality between the genders in the legal field and using our platform to influence and inspire others to do the same to ignite change.

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To provide a safe community of like-minded women to network and inspire each other whilst celebrating our different journey's into law and supporting each other through our legal careers. 

We want to bring you as much inspiration as possible including monthly blogs, networking events and more coming soon!

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